Shipping Policy

Our company specializes in sending orders outside the United States, the main destinations are Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and African countries
Shipping is also available throughout the US. to your forwarder's addresses for shipment to your country.

Free US shipping is available on orders over $75. To do this, specify "Standard Shipping" at the time of checkout and the shipping cost will not be added to the invoice.

Oversized Items Transportation

Some large items are subject to additional charges due to their large size or weight. Also, when ordering certain parts or components of vehicles, an additional fee is charged for shipping by separate freight transport. Additional fees may apply for the delivery of wheels, tires, suspension kits, car body components, cargo racks, etc. All additional costs will be indicated immediately upon order confirmation.

Dropshipping Terms

All products are shipped from different warehouses located throughout the United States, so the difference in shipping time can be several days. If you are lucky and you aren't far from one of the warehouses, delivery will be as fast as possible at the same price. Also, some types of goods can be delivered to you directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

Shipping Periods

When placing an order, you must bear in mind that many transport companies may not work on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, so the total shipping time may depend on this fact.

The exact shipping time will be indicated after the full order has been placed. Delivery of purchased products to rural or remote regions may take several additional days — take this fact into account when placing an order.

Specify your address during order filling for clarification of the exact shipping time. Small-sized parts and components can be delivered using common postal services, while engines, bumpers, and other heavy components are delivered by the truck freight delivery service.


Please note that when ordering those components and parts that are currently not available or are expected to be available in the assortment in the near future, the calculation of the shipping time when ordering may not be accurate. In this case, be sure to contact the manager and he will help you calculate the exact time of delivery of the purchased components.

Outlining Regions

Shipping on the territory of Alaska, Hawaii or other remote regions.

When placing an order shipping to one of the remote regions of the country, an email will be sent to you with an e-mail specifying the delivery time, the amount of payment and additional conditions for receiving purchased components.

International Shipping

When shipping purchased items to another country, you can choose the preferred delivery method. In this case, you will need to pay the additional shipping cost depending on the option chosen. The total shipping cost will be indicated after clarifying all the details of the order and will be sent to you via email. Our company doesn't take responsibility for any additional charges or fees established in accordance with trade agreements between the United States and your country.